Modernization of the driving mechanism and the control cabin of the bridge

Working for over half a century, located in the landfill carbon bridge crane requires modernization. The mechanism of working - although working properly - is already very exploited. For this reason, there is a very high risk of failure, which could threaten the production process, bringing huge financial losses. So do not delay in carrying out the modernization of equipment.

Assumptions and challenges:
1) a short time repair
2) lack of alternatives on the market (some parts are not manufactured for many years)
3) high bridge span (both parties must move with the same speed, regardless of load)
4) change the problematic building cabins (current is built inside the spatial truss bridge, which cannot be simply replaced without serious violations of construction)
5) advanced age device
6) the need for caution (the structure is riveted, and the properties of steel over the years could be subject to change)

The first stage is to perform technical analysis and preparation of various embodiments of modernization. Along with the investor we choose the optimal solution and prepare a final project of modernization.

Subsequently, a detailed work schedule will be developed with all the necessary elements. The final stage - the same modernization - will be carried out in the shortest possible time in order to avoid interruption in production.

Grzegorz Kondracki
03 October 2016