Mobile harbour crane

For potential customer we have developed an entirely new concept of mobile crane. It will eventually replace currently working devices.

The crane will be characterized by simple construction, high reliability in difficult weather conditions and low cost. Practically all of its movements will use electric drive (with the exception of push-out crane support, which will will require a hydraulic drive). The use of an electric drive (diesel engine or power supply) allows continuous operation without a fear of breakage due to damage of combustion engine.

The mobile harbour crane concept was developed jointly with Nores. We took into consideration not only the customer's needs, but also his previous experience in the usage of mobile cranes.

Technical data of the crane:

Lifting capacity max. 80 t
Lifting capacity Rmax=38m 36 t
Lifting capacity max. - bulk 22 t
Max. radius 38 m
Radius min. 8 m
Hoisting/lowering max. 90 m/min
Slewing max. 1,6 obr/min
Luffing max. 75 m/min
Travel speed max. 5km/h
Classification ISO - hook A8
Classification ISO - bulkA6
Engine power 600 kW
Weight ok. 300 t

Animation of the luffing

Also we will highly recommend this solution to other customers who are suffering from similar problems with mobile cranes.

Grzegorz Kondracki
26 April 2017