Steelworks crane
Steelworks cranes

Assumptions: different types of cranes (overhead, semi-gantry and gantry) working in steelworks and rolling mills.

Unique working conditions in steelworks and rolling mills enforce using the special type of girder construction. Their electrical equipment needs to be protected from high temperatures (it can be easily done by putting the electrical equipment inside the girder etc). Predominantly, cranes are equipped in two lifting mechanisms (the main one and the ancillary one) and peculiar auxiliary equipment (graspers and traverses). Crane controlling is provided by a control cab placed inside/on the side of the gantry. Sometimes, the control cab can be installed to winch’s frame.

Capacity: from 25 to 500 tons
High lifting speed: to 30 meters per minute
High crane travelling speed: to 150 meters per minute
High winch travelling speed: to 50 meters per minute
Span of gantry crane: to 36 metres
Group of work intensity: to A8

Steelworks crane

Steelworks crane
Steelworks crane