Documentation of non-standard devices

We design unusual, innovative devices for our clients. Work on such devices includes: strength calculations, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic documentation, supervision over the production of the machine and support during tests along with training of the operator.

Power pole modernization device

The device for the modernization of poles was designed at the request of Enprom Sp z o.o. with the use of funds from the National Center for Research and Development (PL: Narodowe Centrum BadaƄ i Rozwoju - NCBiR). In December 2019, a patent application was filed for a method of modernizing poles using this device.


The main task of the device is to efficiently and safely lift the power pole to a certain height in order to attach an additional pole section and to ensure stability (regardless of weather conditions) during all assembly works. The whole process of lifting the element, compared to other techniques used, does not require the need to turn off the current flow in the network. For the needs of the entire project, 4 different sets were produced (one set contains 4 devices) depending on the weight of the power pole to be lifted.
During the working cycle, the device lifts the element, and then (for the time of assembly of the additional section) it holds the entire column stably at the set height by means of mechanical interlocks. During the working process, 4 mechanically connected devices are used, and the control system ensures that the power pole is lifted evenly by each device. The device does not require the use of a crane during loading (and unloading), and the whole is adapted to be transported by "normal" trucks.