Projects of various load-lifting devices

We prepare technical documentation of various lifting and moving devices in accordance with the client's assumptions. The whole process starts with detailed arrangements, making preliminary 3D models and making assumption drawings. After approval by the customer, further work consists in preparing detailed models along with workshop and descriptive documentation (manuals). We provide support during the entire production process and commissioning of the device. Below we present some selected projects.

Workshop cranes
Capacity range: from 250kg to 5 tons
Range: up to 5m
Rotation angle: up to 360°
Cranes and their components

Simple overhead cranes (bridge, gantry, half-gantry, cantilever, etc.) - single-girder or double-girder. Designed for various working conditions - for ships, oil rigs, hazardous areas, etc.
In addition, various types of device control are designed: control cabin, control pendant or radio.

Capacity range: from 250kg to 500 tons
Span: to 40 metrów (for gantry cranes up to 60m)

Special scissors platform lift

Used to load the spool with the input material. Can be stationary, mobile (moving in arc) or equipped with a special trolley for transporting the spool. Due to the high local pressure on the spool scissors table has a reinforced structure.

Capacity range: from 5 to 40 tons
Lifting speed: individually set
Designed according to the technical standards and country regulations