Palletizing stations - palletizers

The standard palletizing stations we propose are the result of many implementations, which were supposed to be inexpensive, trouble-free and characterized by high efficiency. Based on the experience gained, a series of types of solutions was created, depending on the performance of the station and the weight of the load carried. In addition, palletizing stations with the use of collaborative robots are usually characterized by high speeds, which requires the use of additional fences or radars.

General parameters of palletizing stations:

Workstations equipped with collaborative robots (Cobot)
Maximum weight of the product to be carried: up to 20 kg
Maximum pallet height: 2m
Possibility of using two pallets of different dimensions at the same time
Possibility of introducing many systems for arranging elements on a pallet - depending on the size of the cartons and the pallet
Touch panel control
Possibility of equipping the station with a belt conveyor
Possibility to equip the device with spacers

Bottle packing station
Packing bottles into cartons or temporary baskets is a major challenge in the production process. To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer to equip the station with special bottle grippers. The size of the gripper and its final appearance depends on the type and size of the bottles. Each gripper is designed individually to the customer's needs, depending on the transported bottles.