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Designing is more than just a professional job for us. It is a passion that we discovered, in ourselves during college and we are constantly developing it. As a result, today we can boast of extensive experience resulting from working on many projects of various types of machines and devices. With multiple years of engineering experience, innovative management methods and a fresh outlook, we create innovative machines and devices for the 21st century.

In everyday work, we value partnership cooperation, an ambitious approach to each task and unconventional, creative thinking.


Our Focus

We understand your requirements.
New Products

Carrying out comprehensive devices used for automating production processes.

Cobot programming

We develop software that enables the use of collaborative robots.

Connecting IT with manufacturing

Connected and adaptive machines, data collected in the cloud.

Machine vision

We use AI and the latest image recognition methods in production processes.

Machine design

Designing devices for lifting, moving loads and automating processes.


We conduct different types of analytical calculations and numerical simulations of lifting equipment.

Technical expertise

Carrying out an expertise of the cranes and refurbishment projects.

Technical support

We can help you during production, assembling and commissioning of the equipment.



We understand your requirements.

Pick & Place stations

Pick & Place stations
Assembly stations

Assembly stations
Machines supporting the assembly

Machines supporting the assembly
Checking the accuracy of the thread

Checking the accuracy of the thread

Device documentation

Device documentation
Steelwork cranes

Steelwork cranes
Non-standard devices

Non-standard devices
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Why us?

We understand your requirements.
We love new ideas

Working on new products and services is our passion, which we developed for over twenty years. We know how to transform an idea to final product.

We believe in Lean

When dealing with our customers we aim to focus on the following rule: prepare a model, let customers to analyse and then create a final version. Never the opposite.

Prompt technical support

No need to worry about how to make your product work properly. This is our task.

Business mentorship

Apart from the technical knowledge we share years of our business experience. We advice how to optimize the process using lean management.

High quality

Because lean principles accompany us everyday we prove that quality and good price can go together.


Our data is full-clouded allowing you to work with us directly on the project.

How can we help you?

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Find out how we work

Project understanding

Together with the client, we define his expectations and related problems. We prepare proposals for their solution and determine the necessary measures. The most important thing is cooperation with the client.


Preliminary vision and research

Together with the client, we develop a preliminary vision of the solution. Trials of new solutions are carried out in the workshop. After positive results, we plan the next stages of the project.


Design and production

The next stage is the development of a technical project - important elements are presented to the client for approval. The whole thing is assembled in the workshop and start-up takes place.


Final implementation

After positive tests in our workshop, there is transport to the client, final assembly and commissioning at maximum efficiency in full production conditions.



A successful combination of many years of experience with acute ambitious approach.
Grzegorz Kondracki
Co-founder & CEO
Przemysław Krupiarz
Co-founder & VP


Check the latest updates and articles.
Roadshow Cobot - collaborative robots in practice

Come, see and check. A Roadshow event where barrier-free robots do the work for us. A behind-the-scenes description of the preparation of positions, speeches and brainstorming.

DIY Vision System

In the era of dynamic development of artificial intelligence, many companies are considering the implementation of vision systems in their production processes. We present a project of a simple, yet effective, vision system created using a GoPro camera and machine learning models based on open-source software, such as Tensorflow. Despite the low costs, the system effectively fulfills its purpose in a humid environment and during production downtimes. Click to learn more about how technology can be accessible and economical.

Heavy Crane Lifted into the Cloud

Discover how cloud technology, supported by tools like Onshape, is revolutionizing the world of CAD design. From complex steel mill cranes to intricate components - our experiences with models containing thousands of parts are opening new horizons for engineers and designers. Click here, to delve into our story of adaptation, challenges, and triumphs in the era of digital design.

Prototype - assembly and commissioning

Creating complex devices that meet with the unusual requirements of customers, simultaneously ensuring durability and user friendliness, requires hours and hours of testing and optimizing. Achieving highest levels of quality is possible due to rapid iterations of 3D modeling, executing and testing at the shop floor...

Connecting potentials

At the end of the year, a fusion with Adaptiv sp.z o.o. has taken place. Adaptiv is dealing with the design and implementation of control systems in many industries. For us it is another milestone increasing the range of services offered such as designing machines for process automation and software development. We are currently waiting for an entry in the National Court Register. More details and our first joint projects soon ...

Clevis pin generator - update

We are aware that such simple activities generate large amounts of design hours. Our clevis pin feature script, despite some limitation, has saved a lot of our time. For now it could create pins according to DIN 1444 - so pins with head only. Using current version has shown us, that we have to change it and equip it in new features. We decided to develop our generator with headless pins, pins with axle holders and the ability to generate pins according to dimensions typed by user.

Welds - new custom feature script in Onshape

We like to make our work easier, shorten the time of performing monotonous tasks and we are constantly looking for new solutions we can offer to our clients.

New possibilities: we check the Onshape configurator

Currently we are working on better use of Onshape tools / functions.

Transhipment bridge L=30m+60m+30m; SWL=32T

March 2018 began with an interesting journey for us and taking part in a technical auction for the trans-shipment bridge project. We presented to the customer the offer made by us.

Return to the cranes

Due to the large variety of crane types and their technical parameters, we decided to improve the design of this type of equipment in order to reduce the amount of time spent on the project and to be able to propose to the client the parameters that are necessary to achieve his goals.

Interesting projects

Despite the summer season we definitely cannot complain about lack of interesting projects.

Portfolio finally available

We have created a new section on our website - portfolio, where you can find finished projects - the simplest and of course the most complicated ones as well. We also would like to publish all sort of designs: offers, new ideas and preliminary sketches.

Mobile harbour crane

For potential customer we have developed an entirely new concept of mobile crane. It will eventually replace currently working devices.

Our simple clevis pin generator

We have to engineer enormous amount of different kind of clevis pins on a daily basis. Therefore, we decided to create and share our original, simple clevis pin generator.

Channel YouTube

In recent days, we launched the nDRAFT channel on the YouTube platform.

New features: Working engineer in the cloud

More and more companies use commercially available tools for managing the organization of the company, design and planning of production needs. Engineering is so inextricably linked to IT and increasingly powerful computers allow you to obtain more accurate calculations in a much shorter time.

Modernization of the driving mechanism and the control cabin of the bridge

Working for over half a century, located in the landfill carbon bridge crane requires modernization. The mechanism of working - although working properly - is already very exploited.

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